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Update entities


This require experimental features enabled.

HACS provide update entities for all tracked repositories.

Install service

Like all other update entities, you can use the update.install service to handle updates.


Setting the version in this service call is considered an advanced feature, and should NOT be used without instructions to use it from the author of the repository you are updating.

The Version field supports the folowing:

  • A GitHub tag (release)
  • A public branch of the repository (this does not include forks)
  • The full SHA of a commit
  • The first 7 SHA of a commit


  • In case there is a branch and tag that have identical names, the tag will be used.
  • If the repository does not support versions, or if the specified version is not compliant with HACS (or your Home Assistant version) it will fail with a message similar to this:
    Image showing the service failing
    Image showing the service failing