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Main Dashboard

This is the home of HACS!


This is based on the same data table that you will find elsewhere in the Home Assistant frontend.

Each line in the data table, represent a repository that is (or can be) managed by HACS.

By default it only shows you which repositories you have downloaded with HACS.

If you want to see more use the search and filter capabilites.

Quick actions

All downloaded repositories will have a quick action button (this is the 3 dots to the right of each downloaded repository ()).

With this you can quickly manage the repository and get to its issue tracker.

Above the list of repositories there is a search field. In this field you can serch for both downloaded and available repositories you can manage with HACS.

image of search

You can search data in all columns of each repository including:

  • Author
  • Category
  • Description
  • Name
  • Status
  • Topics


If you are just looking to bowse repositories, you can do so with filtering. You can find and set the filters in the dialog you can open with the () icon button to the right in the searchbar.

image of filters

Base filters

There are 2 base filters:

  • Downloaded (This is the default filter that is applied, and when enabled will show downloaded repositoruies.)
  • New (When enabled this will show repositories you have not looked at before.)

Category filter

With this filter you can select one of the available types to show.

Once enabled it will show repositories in that category.



This is not available for mobile devices.

You choose what's important to you, select the commumns you want to see.


At the top-right corner you will find the 3 dots menu ().

image of menu

Here you can:

  • Open the documentation of HACS itself
  • Open the GitHub page of HACS itself.
  • Open an issue for HACS itself.
  • Add custom repositories.
  • Dismiss all new repositories (if you have any).
  • Show information about your HACS installation.